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Books: Three great July reads for Berliners

A fresh translation of a touching German bestseller, short stories and post-World War Two history – these […]

Felix Scheinberger
Books (Literature)

Kinder der Nacht: Kink on paper

We preview Felix Scheinberger’s watercolour and ink sketchbook, a tribute to the nightlife we all miss so […]

Books (Literature)

Steffen Mensching: “It’s a good time for poetry”

The literary polymath and proud ex-Berliner talks us through his new poetry collection, the importance of remaining […]

Books (Literature)

Literary strolls: Is it time for a flânerie through Berlin?

This weekend should be bright and sunny, so why not take a stroll, or flâneurie, through the books that […]

Books (Literature)

Books: Four great March reads for Berliners

A love letter to the Hauptstadt, short stories and a masterful memoir.

Books (Literature)

Victoria Gosling: “It’s easy to forget how amazing everything is.”

Local literary favourite Victoria Gosling on her majestic debut novel, the Corona pandemic and Berlin’s evolving writing […]


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