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The Jägermeister Shot Machine: A must-have for your next party

Serve ice-cool shots to your friends and be the superhost you were destined to be.

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Everyone knows those epic parties that get a little weird – and become unforgettable for that very reason. You’re on the floor laughing, doing crazy things, wondering what a floor lamp tastes like, or how colours are invented… or drinking shots in the most unusual corners of your apartment.

All of a sudden, you’ll discover a nifty shot machine under the sofa, disguised as a bedside lamp, or among the herbs on the balcony, dispensing ice-cool shots in no time at all.

Enjoy ice-cold Jägermeister with the Shot Machine

We’re talking about the Shot Machines from Jägermeister – a smaller version of the XXL gastronomy variant that fits into any apartment. Whether you’re planning the next football game with friends, a cosy family barbecue or other celebratory moments, Jägermeister helps you shine as a brilliant host.

What makes the Shot Machine unique and a must-have gadget? It allows you to create ice-cold shots in no time at all, cooled to -18°C – the perfect temperature at which to serve Jägermeister. Since its invention in 1934, the herbal liqueur has been composed of 56 herbs, flowers, fruits and roots with 35 percent alcohol by volume. For a whole year, the ingredients of the herbal liqueur are stored in 400 handmade oak barrels, before the magic concoction is poured into its distinctive rectangular bottles.

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So, how do you get a Shot Machine to pimp up your home bar? It’s simple. Until August 13, 2021, you have the chance to get your hands on one of the Jägermeister Shot Machines for €99 instead of €299. All you have to do is register at the Jägermeister online store, and with a bit of luck your name will be drawn on August 14 – and you’ll get hold of a Shot Machine at the discount price. You’ll find all the information at

Be the perfect party host with a Shot Machine

Give free rein to your imagination – the Shot Machine fits in all corners and with it you’re perfectly prepped to welcome guests on any occasion. Whether next to the coffee machine in the kitchen, for the welcome shot in the hallway, disguised as a chandelier or, or, or…

Actor and producer Jürgen Vogel gives you a little inspiration as to where to place your Shot Machine. He’s already furnished his entire apartment with them and now surprises his guests with ice-cold Jägermeister in all corners of the house.