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Could Germany’s obsession with homeopathy explain the low vaccination rate?

In Germany, homeopathy and other "alternative medicines" are supported by the state. Is this worsening the Covid […]


Elon Musk: Worst Person of the Year

He's no friend to the environment, hates unions and public transport. What's the point of Elon Musk?


A doctor speaks about Omicron, the vaccine and Germany’s fourth wave

We spoke to a doctor working in a vaccination centre about his hopes and fears for another […]


Should Berlin’s left say “no” to Franziska Giffey?

Members of Die Linke are voting on whether to join Franziska Giffey's government. They might, in the […]


Red Flag: Fighting eviction with H48

Residents of the H48 in Neukölln are fighting to keep their home, but the courts keep siding […]


Red Flag: Corona Corruption Is Legal in Germany

Those politicians who earned million selling overpriced masks to the state? A court has declared it legal...


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