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John Riceburg: My two cents on the prostitution debate

Should Germany keep prostitution legal? Despite the recent Alice Schwarzer outcry, John Riceburg says yes. Even if […]

Love & sex

Southern belles

Sex for sale! We went into Berlin's streets and brothels to talk to women from bankrupt Spain, […]

Love & sex

Amok Mama: A totally fucking excellent year

Among the mountain of misfortune that is the year 2013, including one lingering and creepy internet meme, […]

Love & sex

Amok Mama: A blog about anal sex

We're pretty sure in this case, the title is enough to make you click through, but to […]

Love & sex

Seymour Gris: The sad, pathetic downfall of the German Greens

The once sneaker-and-woolly-jumper-wearing Greens have probably changed Germany for the better more than any other party. But […]

Love & sex

Savage behind the Wall

Before Dr. Dot, before Dr. Schlong (remember him?), Exberliner's resident sexpert was none other than gay crusader […]


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