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Lockdown loosening: The new rules for Berlin

When can we visit museums? Will rapid testing be used? How many friends can we meet from […]


The Syrians in Berlin taking on the Assad regime

A chance encounter in a Berlin grocery store helped bring about a historic trial into the Assad […]


Thomas Oberender: “The future is truly open.”

The Berliner Festspiele director ponders the role of the arts and why we need to introduce a universal […]


Red Flag: Hanau’s far-right terror attack one year later

A terrorist gunned down nine people in a shisha bar. One year on, friends and family still […]


When Roma were blamed for a coronavirus outbreak

We revisit Harzer Straße, where last year a Roma integration project in Neukölln generated a media circus […]


Walter Lübcke: A right-wing murder, and political indifference

In his latest column, Konrad Werner asks, why did CDU politicians show so little interest in the […]


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