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Creature comforts: Berlin’s best swag for cats and dogs

Your darling pet deserves the best. From travel blankets to animal-friendly ice cream, here’s what Berlin has […]


“It’s kind of an art”: Life as a personal shopper

Miriam Robinson is a fashion consultant and personal shopper who helps busy mums and divorced men upgrade […]


Retail therapy? Let Shola Steele help you out

A designer by trade, this New Zealander brings her brains and arm muscle to the shop floor […]


What happens to Berlin’s second-hand clothes?

If you’ve ever dumped your old clothes into one of Berlin’s 6000 donation containers, you might be […]


“Back then, people here didn’t get it.” Berlin’s sneaker king speaks

Hikmet Sugoer is a pioneer who helped make sports shoes cool in Germany. We call him up […]


Nine awesome flea markets that aren’t Mauerpark

TIPS! One of Berliners’ favourite pastimes is back. From Neukölln to Charlottenburg, most of the city’s flea […]


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